Poetry in Data is an experiment.

At first glance, poetry and data are very different things. They inhabit different worlds and speak different languages. So what happens when they collide? Could they fuse into something interesting?

Despite their obvious differences, they might be compatible. Data and poetry both tell stories, they both describe things. Data present the facts and invite you to consider their meaning; poetry presents a subjective synthesis and invites you to consider its truth and how you feel about it.

Both have a high density of meaning per bit of information. Whilst prose rambles along, taking in the sights and exploring themes at length, poetry must pack the biggest ideas into the smallest possible space. Data is also concise, capturing the shrinking ice-caps or the widening gulf between rich and poor, in a few terse rows or points.

Both though, are prone to misunderstanding, and can leave people unsure what they are supposed to think or feel. The aim of this experiment is not to tell you what to think or feel, but rather to open up new perspectives, inviting you to explore topics in a new way.

You might like it, hate it, or be completely unmoved, but at least it’s something different.

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