From sub-atomic particles and cells to super-massive black holes, science investigates the way the universe works and generates incredible amounts of information. Here we consider some of the results, and theories, through the lens of poetry. Photo by chuttersnap.

Manchester STEM bee poem (July 2018)

Orion: a datapoem (February 2018)

Spark: an experimental poem (Dec 2017)

Escape velocity: a datapoem (Nov 2017)

Breaking point: a datapoem (Oct 2017)

Ouroboros: an animated datapoem (Oct 2017)

Asymptote: a datapoem (Sep 2017)

Conversion: a datapoem (Sep 2017) 

Mercury Rising: a datapoem (Aug 2017)

Laniakea : a datapoem (Aug 2017)

Differential Expression: an experimental poem (Aug 2017)

A Green and Pleasant Land: a datapoem (Jul 2017)

Slime mould: a datapoem (Jul 2017)

Family: a datapoem (Jul 2017)

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